“Aim higher in case you fall short.”
― Suzanne CollinsCatching Fire

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”
― Seneca

I’ve decided I really need a goal to work towards. Though I can definitely stand to lose a few pounds, I haven’t every really liked making weight loss a primary goal. Events have been sucessful goals that motivate me- setting goal times to reach and then developing a training plan that ensures the goal is atainable.

Well I’m way to brooke to be registering for races, so I’ve decided I will use the Alimighty Strava to help define some goals. A couple days ago I decided that I want to be one of the top ten fastest women to climb up the Pet-e-kes trail. I had been Top 10 previously, but have since been knocked down in the rankings by a few pro women coming to town to ride. So re-achieving that is a worthy challenge!

Today I set out to benchmark it, see how fast I can do it so I know how much I have to train. The good news is that I set my personal record. The bad news is that I need to trim something like 30 seconds off of my time to reach my goal.

The women Strava rankings for the segment.

The women Strava rankings for the segment.

As you can see, I’ve got some work to do. These women are wicked fast. Here’s how my runs up Pet-e-kes have looked in the past (remember, these are just the ones I rode with Strava open. I haven’t  been using it in months, But to be fair those months have mostly been snowy…)

Strava screen 1

So the good news of the day: Dave rode with me and I dropped him, he couldn’t keep up; it was my fastest time. That’s good good good! I don’t feel like I’m in nearly same physical condition that I have been the last two years. I’m afraid my physical appearance confirms that. Thus: Hooray! That I could have my fastest time. Now just think about how awesome I’m going to be in a few months when I can beat this time.

This is going to require me to watch my diet carefully, train smart, and do all that good stuff that’s so important to strength and vitality. Part of me is so excited to be renewing my path, and part of me is like, “WTF? You’re not going to just eat Twinkies all day long? You’re SICK, man, SICK!”