Matt Janson and Elisa Jones 18 road trails fruita, colorado sunset panorama chris and joy works

18 Road…with the Works

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
Mark Twain

I would add to that: good food, good scenery, and good fun.

Here in the Grand Valley we are blessed to have all of the above.

Matt and I closed on our house this week, so we spent the weekend working on the house. That means we spent pretty much the 18 hours before we headed to 18 road scraping 1800 square feet of popcorn ceiling.

We were a little bushed, to say the least.

Nevertheless, I have- FINALLY- come to acknowledge the importance of putting off what you can do tomorrow so you can have some fun today. By adopting this philosophy you end up being able to get that job and MORE done the next day because you’re in top mental and physical form.

Unless you drink too much.

We had only about 80 minutes before sunset when we set out from the TH. Matt and I had made it out there first and waited for Chris and Joy Works to join us. The plan: ride bikes, bbq food, drink beers. As a bonus, we got to watch the winter sun set.

It was our first time riding with this couple- though we have hiked many a mile of trail with them, and truly enjoy their company. We climbed Prime Cut and descended Kessel Run and by the time we conquered that route the sun was not high enough for us to conquer another.

It was all well and good, though, as the SUPERMOON was rising over the Bookcliffs and the sunset gave us quite a show.

We also had some hot brats, Soul Shakin’ from Palisade, and if there is something more delicious than grilled pineapple after a ride, I can’t imagine what it would be.

Once we were nice and cold, I got the privilege of being the DD to drive home.


Here are Matt, Joy, and Chris. I LOVE being out on the trails with these 3 peeps.


Matt was a little worn out. I’ve been working out, though, and was feeling GREAT!img_7343

SUNSTAR! BOOM!img_7344

A man of many talents- not the least of which is beard growth.img_7348

Obligatory pano.img_7349

Chris does a chips+salsa photo bomb. Again: BOOM!img_7351