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sunset over tremonton utah

Ghost Jeeping

there’s a letter on the desktop that i dug out of a drawer the last truce we ever came to from our adolescent war and i start to feel a fever from the warm air through the screen you come regular like seasons shadowing my dreams and the mississippi’s mighty but it starts in Minnesota at a place where you could walk across with five steps down and i guess that’s how you started like a pinprick to my heart but at this point you rush right through me and i start to drown and there’s not enough room in this world for my pain signals cross and love gets lost and time passed makes it plain of all my demon spirits i need you the most i’m in love with your ghost i’m in love with your ghost dark and dangerous like a secret that gets whispered in a hush (don’t tell a soul) when i wake the things i dreamt about you last night make me blush (don’t tell a soul) when you kiss me like a lover then you sting me like a viper i go follow to the river play your memory like the piper and i feel it like a sickness how this love is killing me but i’d walk into the fingers of your fire willingly and dance the edge of sanity i’ve never been this close in love with your ghost ooooh… unknowing captor you’ll never know how much you pierce my spirit but i can’t touch you can you hear it a cry to be free or i’m forever under lock and key as you pass through me now i see your face before me i would launch a thousand ships to bring your heart back to my island as the sand beneath me slips as i burn up in your presence and i know now how it feels to be weakened like Achilles with you always at my heels and my bitter pill to swallow is the silence that i keep that poisons me i can’t swim free the river is too deep though i’m baptized by your touch i am no worse at most in love with your ghost- indigo girls, “Ghost

Took my sisters and B.I.L., John, Jeeping this evening. We went up in the foothills above the valley where my mom lives, through the cemetery. There were some scary Jeep moments and we had fun singing Indigo Girls and talking about what we think about spirits who haunt our world.

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park city mountain biking

Where You Can Hear Angels

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

I would add to that list “Shred with confidence” because that’s what today was all about. After our educational exertions of yesterday, we were able to apply our knowledge with actual real-life students this morning and afternoon.

It was so so so much fun to get my teaching skills back out of the tool box and whip up some fun action with these students. Without going into too much detail I will just leave these points:

• These people I have met this weekend have made all the difference. Teaching with Andrew and Bill was a profound experience with many concepts and examples that will be integrated into my own skill set.

• It was exhilarating to watch these students- a mix of experience levels and ages- find a comfort level on their bikes and open up to us by the end of the day.

• I felt so much gratification and gratitude in and for my teaching skills, and for the open acknowledgement that I received.

After many others had left for the airport and their homes in distant lands, five of us were left to head back to the house on the hill. We only sat there momentarily when a ride route was determined and off we set- down the road at 40 mph then onto the beautiful singletrack of the Mid Mountain trail.

We followed this ribbon of heaven through stands of aspens, groves of pines, and open grass-embraced hillsides where the immensity of the land stretched out below us in majestic folds and ripples.

My companions, Andrew, Bill, and Aristotle were ideal company, and patient with my tired body. Chris was our savior who drove the van down to shuttle us back up to the house. It was time for me to go on- drive to spend the week with my family- and I was hesitant to leave.

When would I be able to ride with peeps from New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin? We even met a guy on the trail from Washington. So neat.

Guys, if you’re reading this- thank you so much for being a part of this incredible experience. Thank you for sharing and shredding up this little slice of heaven on earth. Thank you for being the teachers and estimable people that you are. When I start to feel that the world is going toward the darkness, I will think of you and see the light.

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Bike Kung Fu

“The never-ending quest to suck a little less.” – Lee McCormack

Privileged. That’s what I am.

This is the second all-day Lee clinic I’ve been able to attend- the first being two years ago at the first Utah Leadership Summit. That was about teaching us the curriculum to teach to the students we would be coaching. This was also about that- reviewing and re-aligning our skills. “We” in this case was a mis-mashed group of experience and in-experience from across the nation.

The morning was skills. Body position. Balance. Breaking. Turning. Up/Down. Safety. Fun.

I’m a good student- so I took notes. I didn’t have paper handy, so I wrote my notes on my arm.

DSCN9274I’ll be honest, I took a lot of crap for creating my little temporary sleeve tattoo- but I’m willing to bet a lot of those guys wished they had done the same. I was able to review my notes, copy them into my teaching manual, and revisit them again and again with my afternoon riding buddies.

Post-clinic we all met back at the hotel to group up for group rides. I was mid-sentence with another coach when in walked Jake and Tap! (Who you will remember from White Rim and 24 Hours). They had come to host us on our rides- they being local NICA coaches and all. I ended up doing the “easier” ride with Tap, two very nice gents from Texas (Tyler and Clint), and Chris, from Virginia.

We climbed up Armstrong- my body protesting at the elevation and the elevation gain. It wasn’t until we were almost topped-out that I realized I’d been in big ring the whole time! (That’s the bigger, beefier, gear for y’all non-mtb folks). We laughed and joked and reviewed my arm notes, and then hit this extremely fun descent.

It was so fun that when we got to the bottom and still had an hour to kill, Chris, Tap and I climbed straight up the ski run (“A big bowl of suck”, Chris said) until we connected to the last part of the trail- then rode the crap out of it. Giggles and giggles. I think when we got to the bottom of one of the runs I was smiling and one of the guys said, “You’ve got something in your teeth”. Yeah. It was dirt. From smiling.


I’d ached for this smooth of a trail for weeks! DSCN9273

Me n’ the peepsIMG_8965

Big smiles all around!IMG_8970

Interpretive signage.IMG_8971

I got very dirty.NICAThe whole NICA crew