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grand junction off-road

The Grand: Day 3

The air was cold, oh, and the money was tight
I clung to her body that night pretending I was in love
See I been told that this kind of living aint right
but it becomes hard to fight when it fits like a glove

And I’m tired of dodging blows under the table
I can’t do what I been told, living young but growing old

And I say, I’m just holding on for my survival
And I can’t ever seem to just let it be
My wheels keep rollin’ on even though my money’s gone
Well, Imma go home and pray for the revival

Jamestown Revival, The Revival 

Today was the pro race. Another early start and day of fun. In the afternoon, after most of main street was cleaned up, I hit the pool with Lesley for a bit. She was kind enough to give me some tips and what to work on. I seriously dig this girl.

Spent much of the evening doing the post-event meeting with the Epic Rides crew. Love them all. Happiness all around. IMG_0315

Pro mens startIMG_0316

Pro Women IMG_0317

Selfie with pro womenIMG_0319

Kids ride!IMG_0321 IMG_0327

Trinity did great! IMG_0339

Pro women podium! Yeah Chloe!IMG_0352

Kids start awesomenessIMG_0355

TJ Woodruff. Awesomeness.IMG_0356

Me n Les. She is the BOMB.IMG_0357


grand junction off-road mountain bike race

The Grand: Day 2

“Lately, I’ve been low
Things been moving slow
I could not tell you why
Maybe too much paradise

Something came calling and I knew this time I had to go”

Jamestown Revival, California (Cast Iron Soul)

Today was a pretty ideal day. I woke up super early and headed downtown. Races kicked off at 7am and I got to do the “course run through” on the mic. It’s hard to describe the rest of the day. I sat in the announcer booth for the majority of it, calling in racers. I was unbelievably proud of all my friends (and Dennis!) doing so well in the races. The Grand Junction community was out in force. I took time off to ride my little blue bike up and down the expo. I looked great and felt greater. The beer garden was awesome, and the concert was perfection.

From now on when I look back at happy moments, I’ll look back to this day.

IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_0281 IMG_0283 IMG_0286 IMG_0294 IMG_0297 IMG_0300 IMG_0302 IMG_0305 IMG_0309

grand junction off-road mountain bike race

The Grand: Day 1

“I though awhile about what to do
I had me a case of them fur coat blues
But that ain’t nothin’ new
I’ve been here a time or two
Lately I’m scared of being alive
I’ve got this hesitation and it’s running wild
But what’s the use of living in doubt
I’ve only got one shot
Till my time runs out”

Jamestown Revival, Fur Coat Blues


Posing for sponsors!
Posing for sponsors!
Cool rocks in Andy's
Cool rocks in Andy’s


Don't know why I bothered trying to chase them. They both out-rode me a thousand times over.
Don’t know why I bothered trying to chase them. They both out-rode me a thousand times over.


Later, Downtown: chilling with the peeps.
Later, Downtown: chilling with the peeps.
Kicking off the 15 Grand
Kicking off the 15 Grand
Clunker Crit!
Clunker Crit!