“Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.”
― Marguerite Duras

Slept in. Sort of. Kids woke me up way too early. So I took care of them by taking them all back to bed on the floor at my dad’s house and snuggling with them. Not sure it worked, but it let me get a few more winks.

We decided to hit a trail on the way home, something short to avoid the impending weather (hail mostly), so we climbed up to Wilson Arch with the kiddos. Check it out:

DSCN8891 DSCN8894 DSCN8901 DSCN8904 DSCN8905 DSCN8906 DSCN8907 DSCN8911 IMG_2138 IMG_2140 IMG_2142 IMG_2149 IMG_2153