“Doesn’t matter what you do, or how you do it, your neighbors are gonna talk about you ANYWAY.”
― Felder Rushing

I’m pretty sure my neighbors looked at me weird as I rolled out with 4 kids on bikes trailing behind me. It was windy. A little cold. And they were ages 6,7,10,12. We rode off anyway.

I decided we needed a little more dirt this time that last time. We went up the road to the meadow, rode the dirt and crossed the road. More dirt as we passed the golf course, then the doubletrack back to pavement. It was relatively painless- a bit of walking on the steep hill up to the road, a little intimidation with the first short DH, and some complaining about “itchy hands” which was interpreted as “painful hands” and drew some tears.

Then through the first neighborhood, another stretch of dirt, another road crossing, then the paved trail to the park. A little park playing (whilst I did some skillz practice riding up and down stairs and jumping off of the rock retaining wall), then up the final hill, another intimidation on the short DH, then down the street to home. Kids were all impressed with my “jump the manholes” game. “Mommy! Jump it again!” Ha ha ha! My kids are boss, dude. Boss.