A Little Rabbit Valley with My Little Man

“A boy is the only thing that God can use to make a man.”
— Author Unknown

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore my children? I quit my dream-job career to be able to care for them the best that I could. And it’s been completely worth it. As I’m writing this, Connor sits next to me. Not in his room. Not over at the computer. Next to me.

Well, today’s trail was a hard one to decide. Connor didn’t have school so it had to be boy-friendly. And I was feeling up for a bit of an adventure. And we were thinking of meeting with friends in the afternoon for a short hike, so I figured a Jeep ride would round us out nicely. But where?

Where hadn’t I been? Rabbit Valley. It was close enough that we could have a fun time and still be back for lunch. And it would give me a chance to scope out trail conditions there, and see what potential for adventures lay waiting on the Utah border ready to jump up and pounce on us.

I have to make this short since I’m making an attempt to get productive- and let’s be honest- my scrapbook blog doesn’t really pay the piper.

So- we had a great time! The sun was excellent. The tunes were prime. We found some very nice potential camping spots- one over looking the McGinnis Canyon wilderness area, and the Colorado River (I think it’s still Ruby Canyon at that point but I could be wrong). We even saw a light aircraft fly just a couple hundred feet above the river…Connor went ballistic with excitement!

I got to teach my little man a new word: BERM. We took the dead-end road to the Utah border and let me tell you- it was a vision of heavenly berms just waiting for our tires. The only thing I can think of close to this kind of experience is the road from Tower Arch to Balanced Rock in Arches National Park. So. Much. Fun. Connor yelling “Berm it!” and me responding “Berming it!”

At the border gate we turned around and headed back. I made an error and narrowly avoided tipping Little Red on its side. I actually had to engage the 4-wheel drive at this point. On the way back we took an alternate route that led us over some sweet rock crawling- nothing too extreme, obviously, since my Jeep and my skills, and my daring with a 5-year-old permitted me to do engage the challenge without hesitation.

We got a little muddy as the trails became soft on our exit, but by the time we were 2 miles onto I-70 you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Definitely a capital trail experience. Perfection.


Here we are!


Not sure what the name of this monolith is, but the campground next to it was something about a castle. So we called it The Perch of Kairos!


Yup. We were on the Kokopelli Trail. If you go the right way, you can actually follow it all the say to Moab. I plan to do it someday, either by bike or Jeep, or a combination of both.


Love love love signs like this. Means I’m doing something right in my life. IMG_5463

At the TH. It was funny, there was a State Trooper just parked here. As soon as I pulled in he left. The same thing happened to me when I rode Mack Ridge. Weird. IMG_5464

Yeah. Sometimes I take pictures of the kiosk map. That way I have it on me if I get lost. I also had the paper map from the TH as well as my Avenza map of the area AND the big Colorado map book. I’m kind of a freak like that. IMG_5468

Another shot of the PERCH OF KAIROS! The Jeep trail circumvents this rock. I didn’t see any sign of sport climbing, but it would be perfect for that. IMG_5469

Can you guess what this picture is? That’s right! It’s surface hoarIMG_5470

This road leads out to the view in the next picture. I just love how it looks like a ribbon across the mesa.


View of the Colorado. I don’t think I got a shot of the aircraft in this picture, but it came right down through this shot.




This was an accidental selfie.


At the Utah border.


Now enjoy this sweet, sweet panorama action!