“There are always people that want to hold you back. The trail just wants you to keep going forward. “-Drunk Cyclist

Part of my desire for this project is to experience the same trail in every season of the year. I enjoyed Andy’s a lot in the winter, and the Spring has opened up the wildflower gates.

Today I didn’t want to exert myself too much- the lungs are taking a virtual eternity to heal- so we just hiked down. I took the left fork and went to explore the mouth of Echo Canyon. Dave continued up Andy’s to check trail conditions.

It was a peaceful morning. I found an excellent boulder for doing some yoga on. What more could you ask for?


IMG_8625 IMG_8626 Photo Jun 04, 6 08 17 AM Photo Jun 04, 6 08 59 AM Photo Jun 04, 6 51 58 AM Photo Jun 04, 7 00 38 AM