“Apparently I lack some particular perversion which today’s employer is seeking. ”
― John Kennedy Toole

So it’s no secret I have a lot of jobs, or projects at least, up in the air. My primary employment is in the caring for and education of the three children I have given birth to. I also so some business consulting, a lot of volunteering, and generally try and help people if I can.

Today I spent the day ‘working’ at a bike event in Eagle, CO, talking to attendees about the Grand Junction Off-Road. It was really fun to do networking like that, to use my “sales” skills, and to just hang out, pedal my sweet bike around, and have a good time.

After we closed up the expo, we had a quick drink and bite at the local brewery, then went for a hike up some of the bike trails. Though I had just nourished I was hungry to  come back and ride my bike on those trails.

I just love love love how each trail has a different experience depending on the smallest factors. Perspective is a big one. Per. Spec. Tive. Like I’m hiking up this hill and I’m thinking “Wow this is steep! I’d be terrified to ride down it!” but then I turned around and looked downhill and thought “No, dude, I’d FLY down this!”

So hiking, climbing, descending, in any type of weather, in a variety of moods….each time is different. I love it.

DSCN8966 DSCN8967 DSCN8969 DSCN8973 DSCN8974 DSCN8975 DSCN8979 DSCN8981 Photo May 17, 6 50 09 PM Photo May 17, 6 52 30 PM Photo May 17, 6 54 35 PM Photo May 17, 7 07 20 PM Photo May 17, 7 07 43 PM Photo May 17, 7 09 48 PM