Back to Real Life

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
― Albert Einstein

Not sure if I agree with that quote or not, because today certainly felt pretty real. It was almost like the past two days were a dream. But unlike other trips, I decided I would continue to carry this feeling of contentment with me for as long as I possibly could.

I had a busy morning. Dropped the kids off at school early then hustled over to the convention center to attend an information seminar from the Grand Junction Visitor’s and Convention Bureau. Was interesting and cool. I got to sit by some very neat people and chat with them- a city council member and the exec. director of the local museum.

Afterward I spent probably an hour talking with a wide variety of people- the head of the BLM field office, a couple VCB employees, a member of my board…. I finally pulled myself out at about 11 am, feeling like I’d done a good job of laying some additional groundwork for our Trail Center idea. (Came to find out later that all Dave talked to people about was our fat bike trip. ha ha ha)

I decided there was no time like the present to get my trail in. I had to pick Connor up at 11:45 so that gave me- taking into account clothing changes- 30 minutes to run. I could easily do a 5k in that time!

So I flew on over to the Lunch Loops and did a little run. I put in my mic-equipped headphones, called Dennis and chatted for a bit, then ran it out to some sweet tunes.

I ♥ Trail Running. Can I get a sticker for my Jeep that says that?