“The Fun Scale

Type 1:  An activity that is fun while you are doing it.

Type 2: An activity that is not fun, but you remember it being fun.

Type 3: An activity that was never fun and usually involves near death experiences or conditions so horrific that your life is put into jeopardy.”

Okay, so I know some people who would think that Type 3 is really Type 2….you adrenaline junkies know who you are!

Well, cruising down the mountain on fat tires is definitely Type 1 Fun. Kelly called it, and she was absolutely correct. Right from the start of today it was fun- the drop down yesterday’s final climb was a hoot for all 30 seconds that it lasted! But for me at least, the entire day was like this. Yes, we were still stopping to shoot video and pictures, but that didn’t cheapen the experience for me at all.

I’ll go with the pictures again, but let me just say that really it was the people I was with that made this trip. Last night we stayed up until almost 9pm! We played “Cards Against Humanity” and laughed like teenagers. We ate cream puffs and chocolate. We told jokes and talked about books. BOOKS, people! When Hoff said, “Oh, I just read this fantastic book- Shantaram-” I thought I would pee myself with joy. And one of the great things about a trip like this is you walk away with fantastic “You had to be there” kind of jokes. I don’t think I can ever let my kids eat Doritos again.

Okay, again, the pics aren’t in precise order (they came from multiple digital sources).


My silhouette in the snow.


Blue Lakes Hut. You can see Eric setting up a shot for us- looking down the hill.DCIM100GOPRO

Eric Hoffman taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. DCIM100GOPRO

Sara, ready to head out.


Another shot of the hut. Because it’s cool, yo.


Selfie of me, leading the charge out.


Kelly made us all breakfast. It was so delicious. IMG_5434

yes, that’s God’s Bike Stand, right next to the compost toilet.IMG_5443

I love the bright morning sunlight


This is a vertical panorama I attempted (not sure if I succeeded), looking down our favorite sledding run. I think that’s Hoff climbing up the hill. IMG_9754

Eric and Sara chilling on the bunk.


The stove, warming our boots.


Caia, the token animal on the trip.


Sara making coffee.


Kelly and I.




Only one bottle of rum. Probably wasn’t enough.IMG_9790

Tabasco and a reflection in Dave’s sunglasses.


Yup. I eat eggs. Sometimes.


Some sweet shots of the bike I rode.

IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9841

One of the BEST things we did: the girls made snow angels. I’ll have to post a link to the video. It was incredibly fun!


Eric, Kelly, Sara.


What! Another selfie!


Okay, this one is cool because you can see Sara in the reflection of my shades.


Kelly in the morning sunlight.


Me taking a picture of Dave taking a picture of me. Or something.IMG_9864

Accidental selfies are usually the best kind to me. Hilarious! IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9891

Eric gapping the cattle guard. Another fun video I’ll have to link to.IMG_9905

See that little bump in the trail behind me? Yeah. I made that a jump and caught some air. Liked it so much I did it twice.


Our bikes loaded up.


This is our “sex sells” pose. Aren’t we hot? Doesn’t this make you want to buy a bike and ride to Blue Lakes Hut?


Kelly. I love this girl!


The Real Women of Cycling

IMG_9930Dave, on our way home- into the sunset.

Again, I can’t say enough how much fun this trip was. And it was my companions in arms that made it so. Thank you a thousand times!