“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”
― Chuck PalahniukFight Club

“I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.”
― Chuck PalahniukFight Club

The first time I went to a Jeep Club meeting Dave asked me how it went afterward. I said, “The first rule of Jeep Club is, you don’t talk about Jeep Club.”

It was a total joke, of course, since I love to talk about our Jeep Club. We do fun trail runs, have great social gatherings, do good trail work- all things I love to talk about! And today I got to participate in one of these Jeep runs, up Coal Canyon.

10366116_808062222538703_5349180199827822571_n 10419038_808062202538705_827301321849484130_n 10441310_808062282538697_2237611867219741903_n coal canyon DSCN9091 DSCN9092 DSCN9093 DSCN9094 DSCN9095 DSCN9097 DSCN9099 DSCN9102 DSCN9106 DSCN9116 DSCN9117 DSCN9120 DSCN9123 DSCN9125 DSCN9127 DSCN9129 DSCN9130 DSCN9131 DSCN9134 DSCN9135 DSCN9138 DSCN9139 DSCN9141 DSCN9145 DSCN9146 DSCN9147 DSCN9148 DSCN9151 DSCN9155 DSCN9156 DSCN9163 DSCN9167 DSCN9170 DSCN9178 DSCN9186 DSCN9190 DSCN9193