elisa jones and torrey rodeback

Diamonds in the rough

“It’s a moment that I’m after, a fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment.” –Andrew Wyeth

Took my dad’s Jeep. 

As I was driving away he waved me down. “Don’t get it muddy! I just washed it.” Reply. Dripping with sarcasm: “OH, no, Dad! I wouldn’t do that! Besides, I’m just going to the Old Mill Site. I’m sure the trails are all frozen.” Well, maybe he shouldn’t have teased me about bringing my mountain bike into the house….bwah ha ha ha!


Liberated my niece, Torrey (16), after holding my new tiny niece, Haley (2 months), and hugging my less-tiny niece, Kayla (4). Yup. It’s Thanksgiving and we made the trek from Grand Junction, CO to Monticello, UT. Neither fog, nor ice, nor arguing children thwarted the journey!

I was worried I wouldn’t get a trail report for today. It was trending dark as we left Colorado. I had to consider that there might, perhaps, someday, be a schedule contrived to deter me from my daily trail blog post. For example, next week I’m anticipating a little, minor, outpatient surgery. What if I don’t make it out on the trail that day? What happens to my goal?

Solution: trail story of a past experience. Fortunately I only have a handful of those. At least that were significant enough for me to remember to the point I could document them as such. I also have a very strong determination to fulfill this intention of 365.

Okay, back to today. It’s dark. It’s cold. Only 23 degrees due to the fact Monticello sits at the foot of the Abajo Mountains, and boasts elevation of 7,070 ft. Torrey and I drove down to the Old Mill Site, popped the Jeep in 4-low, and drove in to where the single-track starts.


The only lights were the insane tangle of stars above and the pale blue of my iPhone. It. Was. Magical. The iPhone light was strong enough to make the snow sparkle, but weak enough that the sparkles seemed to be dancing right before our eyes.


Then we turned the light off. The stars, like diamonds in the sky. The Milky Way looked like it had been painted, carelessly, across the sky. It was peaceful and intense at the same.

We wrapped it up by scouting a trail for tomorrow, driving past the LDS Temple, and listening to Daft Punk. So though a short trail excursion, an entire good time.IMG_4434 IMG_4438 IMG_4443 IMG_4446