Double Duty

“Be brave and be patient. Have faith in yourself; trust in the significance of your life and the purpose of your passion. You are strong enough to sit in the space between spaces and allow divine inspiration to shed some light. When you put positive energy and productive effort into the world it will come back to you. Occasionally in ways you might not immediately understand and on a time frame you didn’t expect. Look. Listen. Learn. Stay open. Your destiny is awaiting you.” 
― Jillian MichaelsUnlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life

Rode out with Dave and Klishy this morning to check out a potential site for a cyclocross race.

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In the afternoon, I met up with Melinda, and my friend Mark, who I met by picking him up while hitchhiking. I wasn’t the one hitchhiking. He was. And I was all alone and I picked him up. We had a nice chat and I drove him and his kayak up the river. We’ve been friends since. He’s maybe one of the coolest people I know.

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