snow angel

Early Out

“Courage is found in unlikely places.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

I think since I’ve been pushing my limits, mentally and emotionally anyway, it’s getting easier to feel confident when things are a little bit….risky.

Another couple inches of snow this morning. Again limiting my trail choices. Today I opted for Jeep, with kids in-tow. After all, it was early out day- like every Wednesday- the kids get out 2 hours early. I like to take this as a time to bond with them a little. Sometimes we go swimming in Fruita. Sometimes we set up play-dates with friends, or go to a museum or the library. Today, we went Jeeping.

Once again, Tim was in full-protest. He just wanted to go home and partake in screen time. When I told him this was not an option and it’s better for him in every way to spend an hour out on the trail with his mom, he finally said “okay”. Then he set the time we had to be home by. It was little more than an hour.

We drove up to the Bang’s Canyon TH, and headed up Tabegauche. We were clearly the first full-size vehicle since the new snowfall. And you guessed it, things are slippery when covered in snow. We slipped and slid down the slickrock- which, I’d like to point out isn’t usually “slick” but was called that by the pioneers whose metal wagon wheels slipped on the rock; typically “slickrock” is a very sticky sandstone, just sayin’.

I was worried. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to climb back out, or that we’d go slipping off the cliff, or Trinity wouldn’t leave Tim alone and he’d completely lose it. Ironically, it was Connor she had crying when we got home.

Well we made it down to the 4×4 play area and I let the kids out to play in the snow and climb around. Trinity made a snow angel. Connor got cold. Tim climbed around every rock he could find, and I took a lot of pictures. I simply adore these little peeps.

Eventually, we headed back out. Granny gear, but pushing the comfort zone speed-wise to maintain momentum. We made it out safely, and got home in the time Tim had indicated. With two minutes to spare.

IMG_5858 IMG_5866 IMG_5867 IMG_5873 IMG_5876 IMG_5880 IMG_5884 IMG_5886 IMG_5887 IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5892 IMG_5902