“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
Erol Ozan

With both vehicles available, I decided Fruita Dugway would be a good choice for a hike with the kids today.

We parked a car at the Kodel’s Canyon trailhead, then drove the other up to the Visitor’s Center. We hiked from there and it was marvelous…except for Timothy’s incessant whining that we were 1) Hiking at all and 2) it was too hot and 3) the hike kind of started on a steep uphill.

We had a nice chat about how your thoughts control your emotions and you get to control your thoughts, and by the time we got to the Fruita Dugway turnoff from the Black Ridge Trail he was okay. And the trail started moving us down.

We chatted and had fun…and then their dad was hiking up the trial toward us with his new girlfriend!

The kids were happy, and he was happy, and we were happy, and Matt suggested we all hike together to see where he and his girlfriend were about to rappel down into the slot canyon we had been hiking along the top of.

So we did! All 7 of us hiking together and scrambling down. It was hilarious and awesome.

Eventually the two of them rappelled down and we waved goodbye and kept on our route.

At one point the trail became confusing, but Matt and I being the awesome trail-going peeps we are, managed to figure it out. We followed the trail down and something awesome happened…

The boys started fighting. Kind of. Connor wanted to to to McDonalds. Tim wanted Wendy’s. So I arbitrated their discussion until they came to a point where they were both very happy. We would get Wendy’s today, and on Tuesday, after Trinity’s track meet, we would get McDonald’s and Tim would give Connor his happy meal toy.

Phew! It was an awesome interesting thing to watch.

We made the long descent and it was so beautiful and a little scary and I LOVE to explore new trails like this…


It was a happy day.

We followed it up with Wendy’s and a trip to the pool.