“Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

Sara is crazy. Crazy awesome. Crazy inspiring. Crazy fun. Crazy good. And this morning she took Michelle and I both on a crazy ride. And we loved it.

We rode from the Lunch Loop parking lot, where we briefly conversed with Mandy (my awesome Realtor who is helping me buy a house- we close on the 20th), and Becca, who I rode with a few weeks ago. They were headed to ride Gunny, the traditional way. We said we, too, were going to ride Gunny- the NON-traditional way. The crazy look in their eyes told us just how crazy we were. But what better time to be crazy than at 5:15 am on a weekday?

So we climbed up Curts, Ally, dropped down the bottom of Holy Cross, then Holey Bucket, across the road and we started onto Gunny. We were about a mile in when the girls from the parking lot met us going the other way.

And here’s the thing: I’ve ridden Gunny Loop before, always with Gunnector since I’m typically pressed for time. But this was a different trail. It was unrecognizable going this direction. The climb felt so steep- far too steep for me to be comfortable descending. But descend it I do. And fast.

The lay of the land seemed different. I knew right where we were (thanks to my highly-trained sense of location), but I could have sworn I’d never been here before.

We opted for the long-way around. I got a front-tire puncture. I stopped to insert a tube and the girls rode on ahead to the next intersection. Mike (visiting from Moscow, ID) and Chris (always the consummate badass on the trail) passed me coming the other way and stopped for a little dawn-hello! I’ve come to love meeting my friends out on the trail!

I caught back up with the girls and it wasn’t long before we were on the fast descent back to the parking lot. I was now running way late, but seeing how my husband didn’t get home from “work” until 3 am I wasn’t too concerned about him being ready to leave for the office before 8.

On the way down Moto, Michelle caught her handlebar on a tree and suffered an agonizing injury. She hurt all over, but when the adrenaline subsided she was able to ride out. But determined herself unable to ride our upcoming conquering of the White Rim of Canyonlands this coming weekend.

I think I’ll bake her some cookies. IMG_8682 IMG_8685 IMG_8690 IMG_8694 IMG_8697 IMG_8700 IMG_8701 IMG_8702