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Getting my Moto on

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I didn’t have time. It was cold and windy and Dennis had to leave, so I headed over to LL for a short ride. Part-way up Pet then cut over to Moto, and dropping it, back to the parking lot.

I really like the short-hard-fast rides. They feel like racing to me- sprinting, controlling, focused, intense, rewarding.

My reward at the end of this ride: seeing some of my peeps at the parking lot, themselves fresh off of a ride and drinking some cold ones in the parking lot. I snagged one for Dennis to have later, but I didn’t have anywhere to carry it. Well, I figured something it. It was not lady-like at all and I laughed about it the entire way home.

IMG_7803 IMG_7807