“Dark and dangerous like a secret that’s whispered in a hush
When I wake the things I dreamt about you last night make me blush
When you kiss me like a lover and you sting me like a viper
I go follow to the river play your memory like the piper

And I feel it like a sickness how this love is killing me
But I would walk into the fingers of your fire willingly
Dance the edge of sanity I’ve never been this close
In love with your ghost” – Indigo Girls, Ghost

Excuses first: I’m sick. I swear I have chronic sinus infections all winter long. I have one bad night’s sleep and BOOM! Sinus infection. Your breathe on me wrong and BOOM! Sinus infection. I get some pool water up my nose and BOOM! Sinus infection. No win.

Next: Dennis went out of town today. To Texas. For really no good reason, it turns out. And I with some new developments with my various business all needing my attention most of the day, I didn’t get out on the trail until after the kids were in bed.

It was cold. It was dark. and  my light only lasted for 5 seconds. This was not entirely bad- as you know, I’m an adventurous soul. It was actually very interesting, with a just a hint of terrifying intimidation.

Though there was only a 1/2 moon, and that was shrouded in cloud, the snow was luminescent enough that no additional light was required. It was thrilling and creepy. I also didn’t have head phones. So I was stalked by the sounds of nocturnal animals. Somewhere around Kid’s Meal an owl chided me. Repeatedly.

There had obviously been water flowing down the Tabegauche drainage earlier in the day, but now it was a river of darkness bordered by the stark white snow. It was eerie.

I didn’t want to leave the sleeping children unattended for long, so I didn’t go far. When I decided time was up, I hustled back to the TH. I can still hear the owl hooting me away.

IMG_5926 IMG_5931