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Girls on the Trail Run

“I would rather my descendants have greater abilities and a greater knowledge of the love of Christ than I do, much like standing on one’s shoulders in order to get a clearer view of the valley.”
― Criss JamiSalomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

This is the second year Trinity has participated in the “Girls on the Run” after-school program. But it’s the first year I told her I’d help her train. Last year I was crammed crazy trying to finish up my MBA so I wouldn’t have to pay another semester’s tuition. This year, I’m going to start taking her out with me.

It was too windy today to ride anyway.

I took her to the Lunch Loops to try her out. I didn’t want to take her on anything too challenging, since this was her first time. So we started on the Three Sisters trails, but took a wrong turn and ended up on Curt’s Lane.

She was doing great and I was having fun coaching her along. She was pretty tough, but didn’t know how to pace herself- she’d run too fast, then want to rest. So we talked about how you can go a lot further if you run a little more steadily; smaller steps as you run up a hill…deep breathing to control the heart rate. Really, I think she ignored everything I was saying except for the lavish praise I draped upon her.

As we headed toward Curt’s lane, she was distracted by a couple of mountain bikers (so I was I! I couldn’t believe how slow they were dropping that trail!), and she tripped on a rock, falling flat on her front. Her hands, knees, and right elbow all got scratches. She cried for a bit, but after we checked her out and brushed her off and she decided things weren’t so bad, we hiked over to the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill and sat to enjoy the view for a little bit.

When she was ready, we started chugging down the hill. We took smaller steps, being careful on the more technical trail. At one point we noticed a couple of mountain bike tracks that had gone off-trail. We brushed over them so that others would be less-tempted to take this same line, cutting trail where they shouldn’t. She’s getting to be such a conscientious trail user!

On the last hill up to the parking lot, she challenged me to a finishing sprint. And then…she trashed me! I could not keep up with her skinny little legs!

I couldn’t be prouder. I’m so pleased, I’m going to take her again. Maybe we’ll do 2 miles next time!

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