“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

This was not my first time up Mt. Sneffels. As I write this I am sitting in Taco Del Gnar in Ridgeway, listening to some band that seems to do some of their own stuff and some covers- mostly stuff I don’t know- but the dude can sing, when he isn’t trying to copy someone else. Amazing, isn’t it? How when he’s just himself he is amazing, and when he’s trying to be someone else he…isn’t.

Anyhoo- It’s getting late, so I might write more an supplement it later, but here’s the basic story:


Caught this balloon launch on camera in Ridgeway on my way to Ouray.IMG_9127

There were SO many waterfalls like this- just cascading down the mountain from the high alpine tundra. It reminded me profoundly of the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai. IMG_9130

Here is another gorgeous fall up Yankee Boy Basin. The wildflowers were insane and I’m afraid I just didn’t do them justice. IMG_9131

A pano shot of one of the many peaks up Yankee Boy Basin. IMG_9132

The end of the road, where the trail to the summit of Mt. Sneffels and Blue Lakes starts. I picked up a couple of girls (one in her mid-twenties, maybe, and the other maybe 8)- both German, the elder the aunt of the younger. I drove them up to this TH. So cute! IMG_9133

So I heard these 5 boys complaining about the 3 miles they had to hike up to the TH and how they weren’t looking forward to hiking back down after (maybe) reaching the summit. Apparently three of them had only committed to the hike while drunk at 3am last night. Ha ha ha! IMG_9135

This is from quite a ways up the gully you have to hike up to the saddle. It is a terrifying, challenging, totally mental experience. Like climbing up a ladder with rungs that could slip out from under you at any moment. Mental. And on top of that it’s hard to breathe because you’re probably over 13k feet above sea level. IMG_9138

Here I am at the saddle. I don’t think I could count all of the peaks you can see from here. The view is immensely cool. IMG_9144

This little marmot was frollicking around the summit. Along with about 8 people who reached it the same time as I. IMG_9146

Selfie of me at the summit.IMG_9152

Someone else took this shot of me, looking toward Blue Lakes. IMG_9155

CLICK ON THIS PICTURE! This is a pano I took at the summit. It’s almost like you’re there!IMG_9160

So this was on my way down, turning and looking up toward the Blue Lakes trail. Can you even see where the trail goes? IMG_9161

Like I said, the wildflowers. IMG_9164

So I told those nice young boys that if they hit the TH the same time as me after reaching the summit that I would drive them all back down to their car. They did, so I did. IMG_9165

Dropped them off and headed up Imogene. IMG_9167

So many cabins, dilapidated and shells of the historic mining past of Colorado. IMG_9168

From the Imogene pass road, looking down Yankee Boy Basin road toward Ouray. IMG_9169

Saw 3-4 of these tourist “Jeeps”. You look and we drive! My dad should do this as a job.IMG_9170

Another pano.


Another delightful waterfall. IMG_9175

Had to put my feet in the water. IMG_9181

Another pano. Wildflower awesomeness. IMG_9187

The mailbox at the top of Imogene pass. IMG_9189

Jeep. IMG_9190 IMG_9191 IMG_9195 IMG_9197 IMG_9201

This dude had a broken moto. IMG_9202

So we threw it in the back of my Jeep. IMG_9204

So we did with the dude. IMG_9205

Prize! IMG_9212

All of us. They thought I was super cool. IMG_9216

Another waterfall. IMG_9217 IMG_9220 IMG_9222 IMG_9223 IMG_9225 IMG_9226