Warm up: 30 minutes easy, 2 x 5 minutes building to upper steady (3 minute easy between), 5 minutes easy, 3 x 1 minutes building to VO2max effort through the 1 minute (1 minute easy between), 5 minutes easy.

Main set:
In as big a gear as you can handle and still maintain 90-100 rpm, raise effort as high as you can — 10/10. Your heart rate will go to max. These can be done uphill or on a flat road depending on the athlete, or you can use your turbo trainer for a controlled environment.

  • Beginners: 5-10 x (45 seconds as hard as you can, 90 seconds very, very easy but keep moving)
  • Intermediate: 6-10 x (90 seconds as hard as you can, 3 minutes easy between)
  • Advanced: 4-8 x (3 minutes as hard as you can, 6-10 min easy spinning between each)

Be sure to do at least 30 minutes easy to cool down after these sets — one hour is best; no more than that is needed. But remember, the cool down has to be easy. If each rep is done correctly you should be to failure by the end of each one. It’s not about pacing this session but rather to do max effort for each and every rep. ”

I think I’ve mentioned that with my running I’ve  been trying to do interval training. That’s where you modulate the amplitude of your energy exertion to the minimum and maximum range. It’s very effective for weight loss, and speed training. My focus being the latter more dominantly.

So today I hit the SS again. Went a bit further than I had anticipated and it was okay. The sego lilies were out in force. I’m excited to see how they propagate themselves over all of the hillsides, and how my interval training affects my running speed.

I also took kids for a bike ride. Love it.

IMG_7785 IMG_7786 IMG_7787