“I could never resist the call of the trail.” –Buffalo Bill

Despite what appearances may persuade you to believe, I do not engage in full-on fitness every day.

Today’s trail experience, as you’ll see, was hardly a heart-racing, high-paced event. But that’s not to say it wasn’t a ton of fun. The weather was perfect; 50 degrees and not a cloud to whisper of.

Joined my friends, Dawnee and Jason with their kids Sy-Dane and Gauge, as well as Maria and her son Max, for some treking on Kids Meal at the Lunch Loops. We remained unscathed through the running water of the wash crossing the Tabaguache, but became mired in the Bentonite soil. Fortunately this wasn’t a lengthy experience as most of the trail was shaded, and thus frozen. Though the kids were particularly over-dramatic about the experience of getting a little dirt on their shoes (Tim especially lost it, to which his poor mother could only laugh and laugh).

Before long we were back on the sand and racing from boulder to boulder to see who could get to the top of each and by which route. Most of the kids were adept at the challenge, with only little gauge and Connor needing the occasional assist. It was so enjoyable! To just walk and talk, bask in the sunshine, play with the kids- a virtual slice of heaven for an hour in the afternoon.

Not soon to be forgotten.

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