“Hours slide by like minutes. The accumulated clutter of day-to-day existence — the lapses of conscience, the unpaid bills, the bungled opportunities, the dust under the couch, the inescapable prison of your genes — all of it is temporarily forgotten, crowded from your thoughts by an overpowering clarity of purpose and by the seriousness of the task at hand.”
― Jon Krakauer

Yeah, lots of Jon Krakauer quotes lately, I know. But they fit for me right now.

My life has taken an interesting twist the last week or so. In a good way. But like all good things, there is some serious challenge involved. It’s not a challenge that I’m willing to back down from, though it may test all my strength of will. This catalyst will re-define me as a person; and it excites and terrifies me in equal measure.

Part of this alteration is a liberation from former long-held beliefs, so the hike to “Liberty” Cap was appropriate. I was fortunate to have Dave along for the ride. It’s always so fun to introduce him to a new place! He’d never been up there before.

The hike up is more than mildly steep- it’s like climbing a staircase that runs 1.5 miles and climbs 1500 feet or more. I kept comparing this trip with my previous two expeditions up to the cap- both in the snow, one with a gimpy wrist and the other with extremely sore legs. This trip easily surpassed both for company, warmth, and confident foot-placement. And although the views were excellent, the beauty in the snow is even more immense.

We got to the top and joined two others on the scrambly-climb onto the top of  The Cap. It was really fun, and scary. Which two things I rarely admit as being connected. The hike down was equally fun; enjoying the sunlight, stopping to watch some crack climbers….until I looked at the time and realized Dave had to be at the radio station in 15 minutes, on the other side of town, and we still had at least a mile to the TH!

We ran like all the furies of hellfire were on our heels! I had hoped to get some “rest” on this day as the previous two were exhaustive, but our pel-mel pace demolished that chance.

Ended up getting him to the station at Noon exactly, just in time for him to start the show. It was quite memorable.

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