singletrack and skinny tire sisters


“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”
― Martha Graham

“Sometimes it’s only in the ecstasy of unrepressed movement that we may enter the stillness of our authentic selves. In such sacred moments, the world seems to be in step. This is why the idea of finding love across the dance floor endure — symbolizing that, when we know the true rhythm of our heart, we know the other.”
― Alexandra Katehakis

Today was too much fun, and probably deserves a far longer post than it will receive.

I woke early, before the sun, and hiked up from the White Rocks TH to the gaping mouth of Gold Star Canyon in the Monument. I found myself a boulder, lay out my yoga mat, and remove my shoes. I take a moment to sit and soak in the dawn, setting my intention for this practice.

The peace and beauty of that place smote my heart with a joy like I feel while embracing a baby, or kissing my youngest child, knowing that far too soon mommy kisses will mean far too little to him.

I engaged in about 30 minutes of practice, watching the cliff walls tip in angles that in a world outside of my perspective might deem an impossibility. When I finished stretching and moving, I meditated, my body to the sky, thinking how I was completely alone in the world at this moment and I was completely comfortable with that.

Later that afternoon I joined Dave for a short run with Kate, the head of the NICA Colorado League. We had a great meeting/talk/run, that culminated in an offer I could not refuse to do some mountain bike training training.

The evening saw me meeting up with 4 other women to ride Butterknife. It was extremely fun! I felt more confident than I have for awhile, and was able to help Sara’s bike off her when she crashed. The climb out  Third Flats was brutal as ever, especially after being up since 4:44 in the AM and having already done a hike, a yoga session, a run… But I wasn’t too tired to head over to Sara’s house to join her, Eric, and Michelle for some post-ride beverage.

When I got home it was after 11 and my core muscles hurt from laughing. Maybe close to a perfect day.

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