old kiln trail grand junction

Old Kiln: been on my radar for awhile



I can’t remember when I first saw this trailhead. Probably back in my mapping days. I’ve wanted to get up there to explore but haven’t made it a high enough priority. Today being one of the most stressful days I’ve had in a long time, I pushed it to the top of the list. Exploring something new is always a good release after dealing with huge piles of dung. As refreshing as a cold shower.

The first surprise was that the trail is open to bikes, but no one rides there. And I can see why- the trail starts out double-track and is very rocky, and probably unpleasant. It eventually turns into singletrack, though, and drops into a drainage just south of The Ribbon.

The second surprise was that there actually is a ruin there- circular but not as wide or deep as a kiva. More like a kiln. Which made sense, since the trail is Old Kiln. I wonder where it came from? My boys had a blast playing all over it.

The third surprise was that the trail didn’t seem to connect to the Ribbon, but run parallel. It’s already open to bikes/hike/horse- so why has it not been developed and added into the trail system to augment it? I think I’ll investigate further.

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