“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 
― Winston Churchill

I’d rather be delusional and passionate than comfortable and bored. ” – Lesley Paterson

There aren’t a great many athletes that I’ve heard of, let alone admire. This is especially true of the sports I participate in; triathlon, mountain biking, etc. I think that’s notoriously the case.

But I’d heard of Lesley Paterson. 

When Dave suggested I might be able to take her around and show her the course this week, I was excited, but didn’t get my hopes up. I mean, really? She’s a 3x Xterra Triathlon World Champion. And I was going to try and chase her around Butterknife?

Well that’s exactly what happened. We met in the morning, and drove up to Third Flats, and rode Butterknife. Exactly the same route I did yesterday, only this time was a lot faster since she is an amazing athlete. I may even admit that she is inspirational to me.

We had a fun ride- or I did. Lesley was a little frustrated at times with the relentless tech, particularly on the up-hill trail portions. Coming off of injury and illness, I thought she was doing remarkably well! On our climb up Third Flats I opened up to her about my current life situation and how I feel like I’m at a crossroads and I just don’t know where to go or what to do or how to decide where to go or what to do. She provided me with some truly thoughtful replies.

On our way driving down Little Park, we stopped to chat with some people at the top of Andy’s. It was funny because I said, “Let’s stop and talk to these people.” And she said, “Do we know these people?” and I said, “Yes, we know these people.” “Would you stop if you didn’t know these people?” she asks. “Yes. Yes I would.”

It was Eric, Dave, and a handful of other peeps. The rain had soaked the bentonite and there was discussion about how the trail would fare with the upcoming event. I introduced Lesley, and left them by saying, “Well, we’re going to hit the pool.”

We drove to CMU and I used a couple of my punches to get us into the pool. I love love love love love this pool. It is a very happy place for me. With Lesley swimming by my side being this awesome example of complete awesomeness it’s now an even better place.

I just love when you meet someone for the first time and you can just tell they are a kindred spirit. I felt so comfortable talking with Les about everything. Anything. Really, a true friend.

We determined tomorrow she would come with me to take water drops around the back side of the 40 Grand course: Magellan Loop.


(Oh- no pictures today. Sorry. Was too busy trying to keep up!)