“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” ~ Michael Althsuler

I spent the morning getting bikes cleaned up and ready to ride. The kids bikes are all pretty crappy. I can’t complain, they were all free. But Connor’s is too small and the poor boy needs gears, Tim’s is so old that the tube I took out of it weighed as much as the tire and was decomposing as I ran my hand over it, and Trinity’s derailleur doesn’t take her through all the gears available. They are all too heavy and brakes are questionable.

BUT! Bikes are always fun to ride. Today it was worth all of the work I had to do to get these bikes into riding-condition. We decided to ride downtown, experience the Museum of Western Colorado, and then get ice cream at Enstroms. We’d need the calories to climb the hill back home.

The ride down was uneventful. The kids did good, followed the rules, and had a lot of fun. Until a truck almost hit Trinity while trying to cross the street. She had the right of way but DRIVERS DON’T LOOK TO THEIR RIGHT! TURN YOUR ___________ _________ ________ HEAD!

Okay. Sorry. I’ve had a child hit by a driver not looking to their right before. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. To see it almost replayed with my eldest….ugh. I almost puked.

Once we were onto Main Street it was still challenging. No bike lane. No bikes allowed on the sidewalk. 6-year-old on a 16″ bike… less fun. We moved over to Colorado and rode to the Museum. Had a blast there, as we always do. Then we hopped back on the bikes and got some ice cream. We didn’t rush. We took our time. We experienced it.

On the way home they followed me like the little ducklings that they are until we got to the Conference center, where we had fun riding in circles around the light poles and fountain. Then Trinity led the way back across the highway and up the bridge.

That was the last time we saw her.

Tim had a problem with his bike, so the boys and I made a quick stop to fix it before we headed on. When we got to the other side of the bridge Trinity was gone. We peddled on under the bridge over the Colorado River, and up to where we could see all the way up the street to Albertson’s. She wasn’t there either. So we rode back, and checked all of the ways she could have gone after crossing the bridge. I started to get scared. Had she gotten lost? Is she wandering around and scared herself? What if she got kidnapped? How will I find her?

I tried to keep calm and decided the first step would be to ride home. Then we could get in the Jeep and drive around to try and find her….yeah, I had this whole “plan B” mentality going on. The boys were little champs, happy to follow Mommy around.

They kept up their champion demonstration as we climbed and climbed and climbed back up to our neighborhood. This was not easy for Connor- no gears, 16″ bike, standing…. He would stop for a drink, and would walk a bit, which left me practicing slow-power climbing up on my singlespeed. For me: awesome. For him: a mental training activity.

About a mile from home, Trinity called. She’d made it home and was wondering where we were! She had just pedaled on home. Here I was all worried, and she just went on, bold and strong! I was so proud- and pissed!

We made it home, and relaxed drinking loads of water and watching a movie. I adore my kids. They are turning into really incredibly cool people.


Connor demonstrating his standing climb.

Connor demonstrating his standing climb.

Kids playing at the museum

Kids playing at the museum

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