On Hallowe’en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin’ scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it’s Hallowe’en fun.
~Author unknown

What’s scarier than taking your kids on an adventure on which they could easily fall to their death? Not much.

Which is exactly why hiking Rattlesnake Arches on the weekend before Halloween was so perfect!

Depending on the day I might confess to you that I’m afraid of everything….or I’m fearless. [Though, technically, all you have to do is put on a mascot costume and I’ll probably run away and pee my pants].

But put my kids’ lives in danger and I’m terrified. Even Matt standing on the edge of a cliff triggers my fight=or-flight mechanism!

So, of course, with the whole idea of Halloween being fear-induced gaiety, we just had to do it!

I LOVE the route we took this time: down through the first arch, along the bottom until we could see the river, then a steep exposed scramble up up up back to the rim, along the rim, and back to the top.


Here is Trinity, braving the narrow walls of the First Arch.img_7256

Isn’t she wonderful? Yes. Yes she is.



Here is Tim, coaching Connor down through the first arch. It absolutely melts my heart to see Tim play the big-brother. Matt and Trinity were both all the way down, but when Connor started to show stress, it was TIM that ran up to help him. Oh the feels this gives me!!!img_7259

My attempt at an artsy-fartsy tree picture. img_7260

My awesome hiking companions! Trail-blazing Trinity, Tim the fearless, Matt the mentor, and Connor the dragon-tamer. I make sure we stay together. I’m the glue.img_7261

I talked Connor into braving his fear and putting his hand through this hole. He didn’t take much joy in it until it was over. img_7271


We found a little snack spot on the edge of the lower trail, overlooking Rattlesnake Canyon. Matt found his own private perch.img_7273 img_7274 img_7275

Connor and his mama.

I just love this area- it’s so beautiful! And I was so thrilled that they all followed me up this sketchy bi-pass. It ended up saving us 2 miles of hiking and put us through the rigors of elevation gain and exposure, but I think it was worth it. Most of all, I LOVE finding the better, faster way. I think that’s my jam.


Tim was the only one brave enough to join Matt out on this double toilet bowl arch. I love their camaraderie. img_7280

Matt. I love him so much! And thusly, every time he went out on the precipice I had to freak out. He said he was testing his fear of heights. I think he was just testing my visceral fear reaction. Or my incontinence level. img_7285

Tim and Trin scoping out the view! This was an incredible spot to play with echoes. They would go out out out out, then echo over to the left. It was weird and awesome as shit!img_7295

Yup. Love getting shots of my kids mid-air. You can see the lower trail below us.img_7302

Trinity, finding her confidence and her voice. img_7307

Group selfie to conclude our trip! Another successful run around Rattlesnake Arches. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!