“Some folks never exaggerate — they just remember big.”
Audrey Snead

I’ve been slowly plugging away at “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. A summation of the part I am referring to here:

“The Law of the Few contends that before widespread popularity can be attained, a few key types of people must champion an idea, concept, or product before it can reach the tipping point. Gladwell describes these key types as Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. If individuals representing all three of these groups endorse and advocate a new idea, it is much more likely that it will tip into exponential success.”

Dave is a connector. I’m either a Maven or a Salesman. Probably a little of both. But Dave is definitely a connector. He has like 4x the number of Facebook friends than the average person. He is unafraid to make introductions with people and he knows how to do it. He sees potential connections with people everywhere.

Which is why he’s insisted for weeks that I need to meet Tim Long. Today he facilitated that by working it out for the three of us to ride together. I had a morning class, but then rushed to meet them and ride at the Secret Stash. My bike being in the shop, I had to borrow one of Dave’s. It was challenging to maneuver a bike with a much larger frame than I am used to, but the suspension was squishy and smooth and the 26″ wheels helped some.

This was Tim’s first time exploring this little plot of land that plays host to some trails, so it was fun to play “host”. I made us stop at the point closest to the Monument where I could point out some other strategic experiences. He said he hadn’t really done any trails in the Monument, sticking mainly to the Lunch Loops. I told him he was missing out. But of course, he probably has trail dogs. Trail dogs are the biggest reason I’ve found that people don’t get to experience the Colorado National Monument the way that they could other wise.

The ride was a fun time and a successful meeting.

IMG_6668 IMG_6669