The means of weakness and debility;
Therefore my age is as a lusty winter,
Frosty, but kindly.- “As You Like It” Act 2, Scene 3

The saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes.”

That quote in turn reminds me of one from my favorite book, that I happen to be reading to my kids right now, Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale

In it, Dashti quotes her mother, who is talking about the resilient happiness of their culture, wherein she says,

“Feeling sad? Wait a minute.”

The idea, of course, being that they are a people of such happy disposition that it doesn’t matter how they feel, they’ll feel better again soon.

I’ve decided I’m in that category. Because I was LOVING LOVING LOVING the long period of perfect weather…but I LOVE LOVE LOVED being out on the trail in the first snowfall of the season today.

(you can replace ‘trail’ with ‘outdoor gym’)


The snow was blowing in my face.img_7384

Here I faked it. This was to send to Matt. I ♥ Matt.img_7382

Looking down on Rim Rock Drive. img_7381

Looking Up No Thoroughfare Canyon…my favorite place.