“It is a mistake to think that the practice of my art has become easy to me. I assure you, dear friend, no one has given so much care to the study of composition as I. There is scarcely a famous master in music whose works I have not frequently and diligently studied.”
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I always enjoyed teaching my students about Mozart, somewhat de-bunking the myth that he was a crazy-brilliant genius. Not that the man wasn’t great- he was! He composed for a very wide variety of musical genres (symphonies, piano solos, voice, small ensembles, Mass, opera…). Compare to Beethoven who limited himself to Symphonies and piano music. Mozart had a huge output of compositions- today they are cataloged by number because so many of them only had titles of “Andante” or “Allegretto” (though I don’t know if he ever used my favorite musical term: “Vivacissimo”)

But Mozart was taught by a father who taught others how to teach, and from a very young age. He put hours and hours and hours into his musical skills. And he plagiarized. He studied other’s work and like a sponge soaked them up and mimicked them.

What does this have to do with riding Rustler’s and Horsetheif? Well, I’ve ridden both of those a lot lately, and it’s been good. But today was the best because Tricia is so super cool, and she didn’t seem to mind that I kept stopping to work on things. I’m no genius, and I appreciate when I can turn my brain off and just ride, but I still need that one very important word that can define our existence on this earth: practice.

I even got practice changing a flat. With my bare hands. That’s just how I roll.

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