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Setting of the Wedding of the Rails

May God continue the unity of our Country, as this Railroad unites the two great Oceans of the world. ” Presented by David Hewes San Francisco.

I took some kids out for an ice cream and a Jeep ride today. While on the highway before initiating our search for dirt road access, I took note of the sign for the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

I’d been there before, just last year I believe, and I thought it might be a good time taking these 4 kids with me- so I called their mom and told her we were headed west!

It’s only 30 miles or so from Tremonton, but it takes a longer time than you’d expect with the two-lane highway and lots of turns. But we had the top off, the music up loud, and cold drinks. So despite the tragedies of sticky ice cream on every surface, the afternoon was a joy.

We drove past the turn-off on accident, and got to see the vastness of the ATK facility. The kids were pretty excited to see the  big rocket display! I was filled with trepidation with the dauntless size of the entire range. We did find the right way, though, and reached the historic site just as one engine was being put away for the night.

The other engine was still out for display so we got to have a close look. The park ranger told us the story of the 20-star flag. Then we saluted the Jupiter before they tucked it in for the night.

We stayed on to watch the historical movie, observe the artifacts and maps on display, and made pressed pennies. I bought the auto tour guide and we did the 2-mile off-road stretch of trail where you can actually see the original train bed, fill, a tressel site, and Chinese Arch.

We headed back to grandma’s house after an afternoon of fun and education. And isn’t educational fun the best?!


The original.IMG_8551


The 119 being put away for the dayIMG_8557 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8563 IMG_8564 IMG_8567

This was my favorite find in the Visitor’s Center: an old map. I took this shot where Grand Junction would be in a few years. It says “Ceded by the Tabeguache Ute Indians 1863”. IMG_8568

This was just a funny juxtaposition to me.IMG_8569 IMG_8571

Looking over the Great Salt Lake BasinIMG_8573 IMG_8575 IMG_8578