butterknife trail grand junction

Sharpening the Butterknife

“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke

It was a beautiful summer day. We three friends embarked upon a bike ride of the Butterknife trail, in preparation for the coming weekends’ events. Dave, Eric, and I were having a fun, relaxing, ride, assessing the course marking. At one point Sara caught us up, she was pre-riding the 30 Grand route.

All was happiness, until the storm came in on our climb out on Third Flats road. The thunder was louder than anything I have ever experienced, crashing directly overhead and so suddenly that I screamed involuntarily. At one point, Dave became too terrified and simply stopped riding, and hid next to a rock (as much as a 200 pound man can hide).

Eric and I determined we would get out of danger faster if we just kept moving. So we did. It was the first time I actually considered the life-saving skills of my trail partners- in hopes that were I the one to be struck by lightening they would be able to save me. Would they?

Before long, we were soaked, terrified, and muddy, but pushing relentlessly up the hill. I don’t even remember most of the rest of the ride. It was incredible.

But we all agreed: if you’re going to end up terrified, wet, and traumatized, it’s best to be doing it with two of your good friends! I love these guys!


me and Eric
me and Eric
Obligatory selfie
Obligatory selfie
you can't see the rain, but it's there.
you can’t see the rain, but it’s there.
See how fast I got all dressed up for my next thing?!?
See how fast I got all dressed up for my next thing?!?