“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
― Roman Payne

Man it’s hard to get out when it’s still dark in the morning and I have between 3 and 5 kids hanging out around my house all day. Plus, you know, stress. And Dennis at a new job. And 3 loads of dishes a day.

I was planning on riding over to Dave’s again to tuck the chickens in, then commandeer his hot tub for an hour or so, but it was stormy all day. So instead I was just going to do a short hike at LL. But, you know, stress.

I started heading over to the TH, when I took notice of these dirt roads just taking off and heading up this hill. So of course I was all like, “Yeah. Let’s check that shiz out.” Didn’t go far, just around the hill, connecting properties. I had a sinking suspicion I probably shouldn’t be there…. but there weren’t any signs saying not to.

THEN I went to Dave’s and commandeered the hot tub for some hot soaking in a rain storm. Twas excellent.

IMG_7292 IMG_7294 IMG_7297