“Bitter sweet thing.
Could this be a dream
Or just the same nightmare that keeps me awake?
Feel it in my brain.
A tall shot of pain.

Got a pounding on my brain.
So I drowned it away.
When the sun comes up tomorrow you can find me doing the same.”

Drink You Away, Justin Timberlake

Being sick yesterday, Sara let me postpone our ride around the Magellan Loop. When my alarm went off at 5 am I was feeling….better. Maybe not whole, but improving. So I justified the upcoming three hour ride.

I picked Sara up about 5:30 and we were riding by 5:45. Dropped down Third Flats, up and down by the banks of the Gunnison, the long climb up Windmill, drop with a handful of ups to Rough Canyon, then the final long climb up to Bangs, and 39.1 MPH on the road back down to Third Flats.

It was an abbreviated version of the ride I did last Saturday, and it was Sara’s first time around the loop. And can I just say it was so so so much more fun with her along? Don’t get me wrong, I totally get some zen moments when riding alone, but the experience shared with a friend is super cool too, and it’s something I think I’m just coming to really appreciate.

I also appreciated her patience with my suffering. My heart rate felt like it was skyrocketing at regular intervals and I had to take long minutes of slow pedaling to recover. She kicked my ass on the climb up Tabeguache! And here’s how I know she’s my true friend: I felt no competitive feelings, just proud of her! It wasn’t “Oh, I’m so sick, I should be able to keep up with her, why aren’t I better, I should be better, or at least as fast as her…blah blah blah” It was “Wow! She totally took off! She’s climbing like a pro!” I was so proud.

Of course we both ended up uploading our rides on Strava. Hers posted first and it showed her as the QOM for the loop, and when I posted mine it showed me as 15 seconds faster. But here’s the funny thing: SHE WAS TOTALLY FASTER! And now you all know because everyone reads this little blog, right?

The sunrise was a brilliant deep crimson....like looking over to MORDOR!

The sunrise was a brilliant deep crimson….like looking over to MORDOR!

Windmill on Windmill Rd.

Windmill on Windmill Rd.

We took a little break here.

We took a little break here.

Yup, Sara took this one. Awesome, right?

Yup, Sara took this one. Awesome, right?Wind