Spring Flurry

Today we tossed the kids in the Jeep and headed out to Bang’s Canyon. All started well, despite a bit of squishy on the trail, until we made it just past the play area and the Jeep stopped running.

Why? Because it’s a Cherokee. That’s just what they do. And for an $800 Jeep I can’t complain, it’s been good to us! But Dennis doesn’t handle unexplained engine stopage well, so when it happened the kids instantly tensed up and started asking questions. This led Dennis’ frustrations to increase, which made the kids’ anxiety increase, which lead me to get on the defensive and play advocate for both sides. Ugh.

Not sure what it was, but after jiggling some wires around he got it going again. We turned around and headed for home, as pellets of hail rained down upon us.

Since we used Dennis’ phone for pictures, I don’t have them yet. Sorry.