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Technically It’s Very Technical Running

“I love running. I’m not into marathons, but I am into avoiding problems at an accelerated rate.
― Jarod Kintz

I finally got into an actual run today. It was Connor’s 6th Birthday and after school I took him to see the Lego Movie. The afternoon was so nice and Dennis was OK with playing with Connor for a bit, so I went ahead and hit the Lunch Loops for a quick run.

Low and behold my buddy Dave’s van was parked there! I was out for a ride.

I opted for Eagle Tail climb and Pet-e-kes down.

Low and behold my buddy Dave came riding down the trail I was running up! We talked for a minute and I took some sweet shots of him on his bike, then we parted ways and finished up.

The sun was magnificent. I am in love with the sun.

IMG_6475 IMG_6476

mushroom rock near the top of eagle tail
mushroom rock near the top of eagle tail