“I don’t want whatever I want. Nobody does. Not really. What kind of fun would it be if I just got everything I ever wanted just like that, and it didn’t mean anything? What then?” 
― Neil GaimanCoraline

My kids didn’t want to do what I had planned today. Any of the things I had planned to do today. And it was just me and the kids- Dennis was still working.

So I told the kids to make a list. What did THEY want to do? Then we could work on some of the things on their list, and do some of the things on my list, and we’d all have fun.

We got donuts. We stopped by a yard sale and I got me some awesome pants for only $1! We went to the Math and Science Center and the kids got to build roller coasters. We got lunch and ate it at the picnic area at Devil’s kitchen in the Monument. We then went for a little hike.

Back to home, and then the skatepark, and the pool. It was a full and fun day.

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