“Lately, I’ve been low
Things been moving slow
I could not tell you why
Maybe too much paradise

Something came calling and I knew this time I had to go”

Jamestown Revival, California (Cast Iron Soul)

Today was a pretty ideal day. I woke up super early and headed downtown. Races kicked off at 7am and I got to do the “course run through” on the mic. It’s hard to describe the rest of the day. I sat in the announcer booth for the majority of it, calling in racers. I was unbelievably proud of all my friends (and Dennis!) doing so well in the races. The Grand Junction community was out in force. I took time off to ride my little blue bike up and down the expo. I looked great and felt greater. The beer garden was awesome, and the concert was perfection.

From now on when I look back at happy moments, I’ll look back to this day.

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