The one where we take the kids out like we’ve been saying we wanted to so we did

“If I could only find a note to make you understand
I’d sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand
Just keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart’s a stereo that only plays for you”

Stereo Hearts, Gym Class Heroes

Don’t know what that song has to do with anything except that it was in my head the whole time we were riding. We’ve been talking for awhile about taking all the kids out to the Secret Stash to do some riding, and eventually give them some coaching/training.

Well today we did it. Always hardest, I think, to get the inaugural ride up. Then each time it becomes easier and easier. Next time we’re going to invite more friends with more kids, and soon we’ll be making it a regular thing- kids riding bikes on dirt.

My kids did okay for being on challenging bikes (Connor on small wheels and no gears, Tim on a bike that struggles to shift). Their little bodies just aren’t used to the work of pedaling and I’m afraid I haven’t been a good teacher of the “no-whining” rule. They got better as their bodies warmed up to the work (don’t we all?), and Connor was hilariously enthusiastic on the downhill.

Trinity was even trying some jumps by the end! Oh to have the fearless joy of a child. I think I’m going to do my best to rekindle that this weekend. I’m actually going to do a mountain bike race! photo 1 photo 3