The Photographer

Hi, I’m Matt.

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, which served as a backdrop to my awe of the natural world and its inhabitants, both large and small. My parents placed a camera in my hands at a very young age, but I never viewed photography as a career choice. I just loved taking pictures.

My interest in the visual arts led me to pursue filmmaking at NYU. I managed to carve a career as a sound mixer working in both film and television. While my experiences were vast, I missed the creative energy of photography, and after nearly a decade working in the film industry decided to direct my energy back to the medium I love so much.

Though I specialize in commercial, event, and portrait photography, my love of the outdoors always increases my collection of landscape photography.

I’m also a level-10 Photoshop Wizard, Chinese Tea Master, and collector of antique books. I’m excited to be working with Elisa in 2017 on “Discovering the Monument” here at

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