“Never tell me the odds.” — Han Solo

Today was busy and fun and busy and fun and sunny and fun and hot and fun and stressful and fun.

Started out with Trinity’s 5k fun Girls on the Run run AND had my first Ham Radio contact to boot (with my FIL, Ron). The afternoon saw me racing out to the Bookcliffs to assist in the opening of the new Sarlacc Trail. It was great fun hanging out with all the crew who came out to finish up the build and attend the ceremony and cook the carne asada and drink the beer.

After that I headed out to Highline Lake to watch Dennis finish the 18Hours of Fruita race.

Short and sweet and I could totally get into more, but that’s all for now.

Here’s where you can find pictures from the Sarlacc Opening. It was pretty fun to be able to speak and welcome everyone and talk about the GVTA mission and how this day saw it in action. So so cool and a real privilege.

Another article about the GVTA.

What is the Sarlacc?

And More Star Wars Quotes.