devil's kitchen colorado national monument

Too Much Fun (TMF)

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Rode a little Lunch Loop action with Tim. It was fun to show him some of the trails that are included on the Grand Junction Off-Road race routes, since he is the new course coordinator. A fun 10-miles proved that he is a master of cardio fitness and that my tech skills have improved considerably since the last time I climbed up Coyote Ridge.

In the evening, Dennis insisted we take the kids out to climb around Devil’s kitchen. There are a couple of slot-canyons up there where he has had to do some SAR work getting peeps out- so of course it would be totally safe to take our kids up! Ha ha ha!

No, really, it was a totally fun adventure. The kids did great getting up to the kitchen and climbing up the sandstone to the first cavernous enclosure. We all somehow made it up the chimney-like chute to the next exposed level. Each little climb Dennis would go first and guide from the top, I would spot and guide from the bottom. At first the kids were intimidated and scared. But with two parents as calm and collected as we must have inspired confidence in them because they didn’t give up. Connor got a little scared on the final rappel, but was still able to do it mostly on his own, and through some tears. When they all reached the bottom, the three of them embrace each other in a group hug. It got me a little bit teary…adorable!

We made it down after sunset, just as it was getting dim enough that my bright green shirt seemed to have an eerie glow. It was awesome! We got pizza and came home, let the kids stay up late watching “Frozen”.

Have I mentioned how much I love my kids? I do. Immensely. They are my heroes. And Dennis is a great dad! I mean, who does that? “Load up kids! We’re going to go hike, scramble, climb and rappel, and watch the sunset!” I know my dad wasn’t like that! The best we got was, “Load up kids! We’re going to get a pop and take a short drive up the canyon!” Which was pretty fun, I’ll be honest, and is still ingrained in my being.

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