“Hunting, fishing, drawing, and music occupied my every moment. Cares I knew not, and cared naught about them.” -John James Audubon

Love love love that quote.

What a struggle life is to prioritize. Not just our actions, but our thoughts. Our fucks. How many fucks we give to certain situations.

I’ve decided that I have very few fucks to give. So I’m going to give them strategically.

Like today. I woke up sick.

Not that big a surprise since Matt spent the entire previous week under the weather. Which is hard for me if only because every time he coughs I feel the ache of it in my chest. I thought I had dodged that metaphorical bullet, yet here I was sleeping late on an hour-later Sunday morning and fighting a fever.

Nevertheless, I was determined to explore trail options: connecting Old Kiln with the Ribbon.


We followed the existing trail, then started NE direction along a drainage. Typically, the way water flows can create a decent line for a trail…down washes and such.

In this case, the drainage was a series of potholes, carved into the rock and unrideable. At one point it was clear we could no longer follow that waterway. We scrambled up a hill to explore the next drainage over, only to be inundated by foliage.

Up to the top we went then, and it was easy and fun hiking! I could envision lines like you would see at Phil’s World near Cortez! So. Much. Fun.

But when we got close to the confluence it was clear that the Ribbon trail was far below us and to the left. It would be a daring struggle to climb down and explore options. Then we would be required to hike back up!

By this time I’m pretty sure my fever was around 102.

So we turned and somewhat retraced our steps…and I had this idea….

What if, instead of trying to connect the Old Kiln to the Ribbon, we just created a series of rim-view loops and connected them to the Lunch Loops via a trail that my friend Sarah was counting, from the top of Andy’s to the Third Flats TH?

Okay, I know for those of you not in tune with the trails in the area you’re going to be like, ‘WHF is she talking about?” But trust me here…. what makes a trail awesome? So awesome people want to come and ride it?

It’s fun. Flowy. Fast. Tricky. Challenging. It’s an experience in it’s self.

OR, it’s scenic, in an incredible space with views for miles and amazing geography.

This trail system would have both.

So right now I’m thinking 3 loops. Perhaps one someday will connect to the Ribbon, but there will be other connections to the Lunch Loops, thus creating an even larger and intense area for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.

Also, since the Old Kiln TH is just a few yards up the hill from Bang’s Canyon, it would be a significant draw, helping relieve trail congestion in the Mica Mines and Rough Canyon trails.

These are my thoughts.

Also, I love Matt. I love that I’m like, “Hey, Babe, I know you’ve been sick and I’m pushing a fever, but let’s go exploring some area we’ve never been in…”

And he’s like, “You bet. Let’s go.”

Seriously. How awesome?


Views. img_7330

More views. img_7331

Even MORE views. This one is looking over and to the Ribbon trail. Can you spot that little sliver of singletrack?


My Matt. This man has stones. 😉

In a good way.