singletrack and skinny tire sisters


Watch this.

I had three lovely experiences on the trail today. The first was a run, or, um, jog, rather. I didn’t feel well. I was tired. Sloppy. 3 miles, tops.

Yup. Kinda like that.
Yup. Kinda like that.

Later in the morning, though, after all the errands had been run, I had an hour or so to kill before having to pick up Connor. So I drove the Jeep (with the top off, mind you) up into the Monument. I stopped at Red Canyon viewpoint, and took a little exploration…

IMG_8142 IMG_8147 IMG_8186 IMG_8188 IMG_8191 IMG_8192

After all that laying down and enjoying my surroundings I was all prepped for a more challenging ride. I went out with a group of excellent women to ride at 18 road and work on some skills.

DSC01661 DSC01664 DSC01667 DSC01669 DSC01670 DSC01672 DSC01681 DSC01692 DSC01695 DSC01701 DSC01704 DSC01711 DSC01719 DSC01724 DSC01730 DSC01733 DSC01755 DSC01759 DSC01760