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I’ve been a member of the Grand Mesa Jeep Club for months. Or maybe a year. It seems like a long time. I can’t remember if we started going to the meetings before or after I became a GVTA board member. My memory sucks right now. But you get the idea. It’s been some length of time… and I have yet to go on a club activity. And they do them all the time! I keep intending to, but something always comes up; surgery or babies being born or I’m out of town…

So today we decided to take the opportunity to finally get out on the trail with this great group of people. I couldn’t handle the ridicule potential of seeing Jeff, Cody, or Jerry again without getting out with the club.

The day was promising to be more than beautiful. We met the group in Fruita and were amazed that almost 30 vehicles were there ready to hit the trail. That’s a huge group in Jeep trail run terms. I was instantly transported to our Easter Jeep Safari days when a large group of Moab Jeeper Magazine readers would come from around the country and Dennis would lead the run.

Everyone was so friendly, just open and welcoming. Trinity instantly fell in with a group of girls and they formed, for the day, the Little Girls Jeep Club. She ended up riding with the other girls the rest of the day.

We took Highway 6 out to Rabbit Valley, hit the trail, and before long Crossed into Utah. The trails were dry and the scenery amazing. We ended up breaking for lunch on the rim above the Western Rim singletrack trail. The kids had fun climbing up and down the hillside, and the adults basked in the spring sunlight and enjoyed each other’s company.

Connor had a chance to ride front-passenger for a bit as we continued along the rim. We took another scenic viewpoint, with the glittering Colorado below us. Around the next bend was a little rock-crawling opportunity which it was fun to watch. Dennis drove our Little Red right up it like it was a bump in a parking lot. Fun, fun, fun.

We crossed back into Colorado and stopped again at the McDonald Creek trailhead, and went for a hike. I thought it was just a 1/2 mile jaunt to an arch site,  but we ended up trekking all the way down to the river, and the railroad tracks that creep up Ruby Canyon. It was a fun and interesting trail and I look forward to running it some day.

The kids did great! It was tougher on the return hike, but most of them made it. Tim actually was running, and climbing up and jumping off of rocks. Connor got pretty tired, so I ended up carrying him for about 2 miles. I figured it was a good workout and I needed it. I’m getting so fat these days.

By the time we got back to the Jeep, the kids were hungry, tired, and sunburned. We hit the City Market in Fruita for some frozen dinners and ice cream, then home home home. It was a great day and I look forward to another like it at our earliest convenience.

IMG_6732 IMG_6734 IMG_6739 IMG_6741 IMG_6748

Little boys pointing to some rock art.IMG_6749

A little box canyon. Cool shot, right?IMG_6751

Tim, experiencing the variety of flora in the area.IMG_6752

Playing in the creek bed. IMG_6753

Dennis leading the way.IMG_6754 IMG_6756 IMG_6758

Almost to the river, the trail winds through the folliage. I loved this! IMG_6759


A little crew of bald eagles circled overhead.


IMG_6761 IMG_6764 IMG_6765

My beautiful (though very dirty, sunburned, and windblown) little girl.IMG_6766 IMG_6769 IMG_6773 IMG_6775 IMG_6778 IMG_6779

Packing Connor.IMG_6782

But he finished on his own two legs. IMG_6783Where we said goodbye for this time.