The Wedding

matt janson elisa jones happily ever after

After more than 2 years exploring and adventuring through life together, we’ve decided we can’t live without each other so we’re making this thing official and permanent!

Matt Janson and Elisa Jones

We do hope you will be able to join us. We are currently looking for a [FREE] location…so if you have a nice house and don’t mind a big, awesome, happy party on New Years Day, let us know! 

Also, because we already have a house…and kids…and a bunch of antique books…we really don’t need gifts.

But, as you know, we do love to travel!

[Elisa’s had her passport for more than two years and doesn’t have a single stamp on it. What a shame, right?]

So if you would like to contribute to send us on our HONEYMOON, we would absolutely be delighted, and extremely grateful.

Stay tuned to this page for more upcoming stories and information!

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We couldn’t be happier that you’re sharing this adventure with us!